Top 10 Uber Taxes and Information Resources

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Filing your Uber taxes does not have to be rocket science. As an Uber driver you do not have to fear the IRS.

Rideshare taxes are like any other self employed business owner’s taxes when it boils down to it.

You must be be clear on what expenses are personal and what are business. Your tools for deductions with your Uber taxes will depend on your ability to do so.

Virtual tax shelters like an Uber Website can save you $1,000’s of dollars.

How Hard Is It To File My Uber Taxes?

Having a CPA or bookkeeper makes this a cinch, but what if you can’t fork over the money to afford one. Tax advice is not cheap.

This is where Turbo Tax, Intuit Quickbooks or HR Block comes in. They make filing your Uber taxes pretty easy.

The tax software is something you can operate in the comfort of your own home. If you are properly tracking your mileage, and expenses with apps like MileIQ or Sherpashare, you will be fine.

Drivers should have all their tax information prepared before filing. Make sure you keep up with all you tax documents and download your Uber tax summary reports.

Keeping up with the pertinent docs throughout the year allows for bigger tax deductions.

Top 10 Uber Taxes and Information Resources

1. Simple Tax Solutions For Driver Partners – Arriving Now

uber tax software

Get a discount on your tax software by going to your Uber Partner rewards app option.

2. (Update) Uber 1099: Rideshare Taxes

HarryThe Rideshare Guy has some great insight for filing as a driver. He runs a very powerful blog for ridesharing across the board.

3. UBER Tax Filing Information

uber tax filing information

A professional tax guide that has been prepared by an accountant. Get all the information you need about Schedule C and more.

4. What to do if you owe back taxes to the IRS? Uber X drivers, Postmates and more

I have had a chance to speak with Jermaine Ellis who runs a super cool Youtube Channel about rideshare driving. You can learn a lot from this entrepreneur about driving.

5. You’re the Boss and The Employee

uber driving

TurboTax is one of the leading software applications for people who are into doing their own taxes from home. The company has written a solid post on their website about Uber tax tips.

6. Uber Driver Tax Strategies with Tristan Zier

Another savvy driver that has a Youtube Channel (Rideshr) that focuses on rideshare drivers. Great information from a driver who has also been in the streets with you guys. He is one of us.

7. 16 Uber and Lyft Tax Deductions Drivers Can Use in 2016

uber taxes

Understanding what you can deduct as an Uber driver is important. Here is sixteen thing drivers can use for their deductions.

8. How Do Uber Drivers Pay Taxes?

uber driver taxes

Understanding how you need to pay your taxes as an Uber driving business owner is important. MileIQ, which has one of the best apps on the planet for tracking miles has information.

9. Uber Accounting: How To Track Your Taxes And Expenses Using Spreadsheets

If you can’t afford a CPA it’s worth your time to watch this video by Harry “The Rideshare Guy”. He has taken the time to bring forth the information many drivers will need to track expenses with a spreadsheet.

10. Uber Partner Reporting Guide

H&R Block is the absolute boss when it comes to filing taxes. It only makes sense that the #1 tax preparation company create information for the #1 rideshare platform’s drivers. Download this PDF now.

As a Rideshare driver you will be filing a 1099-K. If you have made a ton of referral bonuses like myself you will also file a Uber 1099 (MISC).

Filing taxes is part of living the American dream. If you do it right, Uber tax can be a great thing. The information below provides some tax tips that you should take notes on.

Just about everyone who produces income in the United States is subject to paying taxes. It doesn’t matter if you drive for Uber, Lyft or the Marta Bus in Atlanta. Income tax is coming for you and you better be prepared to report correctly.