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Everything you need to know about having a successful Uber Business!


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Hey man, I just wanted to say thanks. You helped me make hella extra money while I'm driving.  You also inspired me to start my own channel.  I had no idea how much video editing was involved.   Just wanted to wish you the best and thank you for the inspiration. - Aaron

I can’t thank you enough got all of the wisdom you imparted on me man. Last week, I hit a grand slam with my income and made some valuable connections that I have immediately benefited from over the past 2 days. Thank you, Gracias, and Merci my brother.

Here is a screenshot of my 2nd week in January 2017, Plus I made $130 in tips!!! - Avery

I spent the first 7-months driving without this information and it was NOT GOOD. After buying your course I have over $5,000 months. You rock!! -Cranston K.

Never received so many tips in my life as a rideshare driver. This course is priceless. - April Louder

I doubled the amount I usually make in a week after watching one of your videos on Youtube. This motivated me to buy the course which tripled my weekly income. AMAZING! -Doug Cander

The absolute best audio course for preparing Uber drivers to be successful and make a lot of money as business owners. Unbelievable information from you Calvin. Thanks!! - Cory Birch

You're positive attitude and high energy is a valuable asset. I learned so much from your course  Thanks for sharing your insights.  Bless!! -Donald Camby

This is really valuable information my brother and i am totally grateful to you for your generosity.  I know with absolute certainty that God is blessing you abundantly for sharing all this "uber" information :) May you be continually blessed with every one of your hearts' desires.  Thank You! btw where can I send my email address to you so that I can get those audio recordings you talked about on your 'get more money' video. God Bless You! -Yolanda Cole

Killer audio! You are an Uber GURU!!! Keep up the GREAT work , it has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. -Matt T.

Learning how to treat this as my own business and your 6 ways of getting paid are so informative and very beneficial in many ways. THANKS FOR SHARING  YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO HELPING OTHERS LIKE ME PROSPER... keep up the GREAT WORK! -W.M. CHRISTIAN

Thank you for the great Uber course. You personally have made me feel a little better about losing my job! -M. Bentley

Great job Calvin! -Carl Ven

Dude your smart, thanks for the info ;) bless you -Charlie Broxton

Amazing content. I just used the the planned drives for an event that finished at 8:30am. I planned to get there around 8am. That really was dope info and content u shared in your “Uber Money Secrets”. -Sarah C.

Man!!!! I love listening to your course. You are so informative and helpful. Your experience has saved me so much time. I just started driving for Uber a week ago, and because of you I won't have to learn the hard way, or find out something months into my rides. You're the bomb and your information is priceless. Thank you for all the time you spent putting this together and assisting your fellow drivers. I wish you much continued success. -Lavonia

5 star presentation by a 5 star Uber driver.  Thanks for the tips.  I'm only doing Uber delivery, but this will save me money across the board.  -Mr. V.

Thanks for this course, dude! I've been considering it as a college student, and I needed a way to make money without working shitty minimum wage jobs. I've tried two crappy jobs, and for my level of intellect, I ended up hating both of them. Your Uber Money Secrets fills my void!! -Zack Keene

Great audio and info bruh! I will be putting this stuff into play immediately here in Charlotte. -AC Tubbs

Great info, man. I just started in New Year's Day and thought to myself "I can't just drive out here without purpose" just when thinking that I come to your page and you tell me EXACTLY what my mind was trying to bother me about. Now I can drive with an agenda. Thanks simple - hope to be on your level real soon. -Josh Corbin

Calvin your information is a miracle. Bless! -Joshwia


Everything you need to know about having a successful Uber Business!